What Is A Deed Of Assignment?

A deed of assignment is the most important and conclusive document of the ownership. The need for a deed arises when you are doing a transaction related to a real estate property or land. This deed consists of two parties: one is a buyer, and the other is the seller. A deed is a legally written document which binds the buyer and seller. A deed shows the proof that the seller has transferred his right, interest, and ownership of the property to the concerned party. In any deed, whether related to the transfer of property of another, there are two concerned parties: one is the person who sells the property, is called Assignor and the person who receives such right from the seller is known as Assignee.

You can approach any assignment helper in Malaysia to get help with it. These helpers prepare the deed with all the necessary information of both parties and present it before the authority to get legal acceptance. Once the deed is approved by the authority, the deed becomes a legalized document binding both parties for the transfer of ownership. To understand it completely, you should go through the following questions.

What Is An Assignment? 

An assignment is like a transfer, right, but it is slightly different from it. It occurs when one or two parties come together to enter into a contract and decide to transfer a property of any other interest by the consent of both parties. The assignee party becomes the real owner and removes the seller from the ownership right.

What Is A Deed?

A deed is a written document legally binding the assignor and assignee for the agreed event. A deed is a contract of transfer of ownership of an asset from one person to another. To give a legal existence to the deed, it must be presented in the public record by an official. In many cases, submitting deeds in public records requires a witness. If it lacks witness and recording, then it may be called an imperfect deed and cannot be presented in court. The deed is prepared by a legally practicing lawyer who is referred to as a deed writer. They charge a sum for providing their service.

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Contents Of A Deed

The contents of the deed are a bunch of information, which is given below –

➔       A deed consists of the names of both the concerned parties who are entering into a contract for the transfer of interest or ownership.

➔       The address of both the parties must be entered in the deed as well as the location of the property in case of transfer of a real estate property

➔       Historical information regarding the time when it was first purchased and transferred.

➔       Agreed price of the property is the particular amount at which both the parties agreed to exchange ownership. The price depends upon the type of things being exchanged.

➔       Signature of both the concerned parties with photographs. In case a person is unable to sign, a thumb impression is generally used.

➔       In some cases, a witness is required, and his information is also written in the deed with a photograph and signature.

➔       After preparing the information deed, it is presented before the law to be recorded publicly. From the date of its recording, the right of ownership gets legally transferred.


A deed of assignment must be prepared in case you are entering into a contract to transfer a property. It certifies your transaction legally and prevents the chance of fraud. While entering into a contract or deed, its contents must be checked and verified by both parties for better transparency. However, deed assignment helpers are available to get assistance at any step.

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