Unleash the Power of AlgoDocs Handwriting Recognition

You’re probably familiar with scanning documents and converting them to text, right? It’s super handy for making paper files digital, but what about all the handwritten forms and tables that don’t get converted using traditional methods? Extracting that handwriting can be a real pain unless you use AlgoDocs. Their handwriting recognition AI is a total game-changer. In just a few clicks, you can turn your handwritten docs into extractable, editable text. No more retyping forms or squinting at scribbles – AlgoDocs does the hard work for you. And the best part? It offers a forever free subscription with 50 pages each month, and it keeps getting smarter with every document you process. So, if you’re looking to unlock all the hidden data in your handwritten documents, it’s time to unleash the power of AlgoDocs.

What Is AlgoDocs Handwriting Recognition?

AlgoDocs Handwriting Recognition uses advanced AI to extract handwritten text from scanned documents like forms, surveys, and invoices.

Optical Character Recognition

At the core of the AlgoDocs solution is an optical character recognition (OCR) engine trained on millions of handwriting samples. The OCR engine can recognize handwritten characters, numbers, and symbols in documents.

Neural Networks

AlgoDocs leverages neural networks, a type of machine learning algorithm, to analyze handwritten text. The neural networks have been trained on huge datasets of handwriting to get better at recognizing different writing styles, sizes, and qualities. The neural networks can even decipher hard-to-read handwriting and intelligently guess characters it’s unsure of based on the context of the surrounding text.

Document Extraction

In addition to handwriting recognition, AlgoDocs can extract data and tables from scanned documents. It can locate form fields, tables, and key-value pairs in documents and return the extracted data in a structured format.
This allows you to easily import handwritten data into databases, spreadsheets, and other systems. You can also use AlgoDocs to automatically process high volumes of handwritten forms, surveys, invoices, and more.

Accuracy and Reliability

AlgoDocs achieves high accuracy rates for handwriting recognition and document data extraction. The AI has been trained on huge volumes of handwritten data to handle many different writing styles. The neural networks also provide a confidence score with each recognition to indicate how sure the model is in its predictions. This allows users to review and validate the AI’s results to ensure high reliability.

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AlgoDocs makes it possible to fully digitize handwritten documents and unlock the data they contain. By extracting text, tables, and other information from scanned files, AlgoDocs opens up new opportunities to automate document processing and gain valuable business insights.

Problems and difficulties of manual Handwritten data extraction and entry

Tedious and time-consuming process

Extracting data from handwritten documents manually is an extremely tedious and time-consuming process. Employees have to pore over pages of handwritten text, deciphering each word and number, and then entering that information into a digital system. This can take hours for large volumes of documents and lead to low morale and productivity.

Higher chance of errors

The human eye and brain are not perfectly accurate, especially when focused on repetitive, mundane tasks. Manual data entry from handwriting leaves a lot of room for errors like spelling mistakes, incorrect formatting, and simply misreading words or numbers. These errors then propagate into the digital system, corrupting your data and analytics.

Difficulty handling variable handwriting

Human data entry clerks have a hard time adapting to different handwriting styles, sizes, and legibility. Some handwriting can be quite messy or stylized, leading to more errors and longer processing times. Variable handwriting poses a unique challenge in extracting meaningful data for Intelligent Document Processing.

Opportunity cost

The time spent on manually entering handwritten data is time that could have been spent on higher-value tasks that truly leverage human skills and judgment. Manual data entry does not effectively utilize employees’ talents and can lead to disengagement over the long run.

Overall, manual data extraction and entry of handwritten information is problematic and difficult. Automated handwriting recognition solutions like AlgoDocs can help overcome these issues by extracting handwritten data with a high degree of accuracy and efficiency. Your data and documents stay secure and digital, while your employees are freed up to work on more meaningful tasks.

How AlgoDocs Converts Handwritten Text into Machine-Printed Structured Text

Scanning and Uploading

To get started, you’ll need to scan your handwritten documents and upload the files to AlgoDocs. AlgoDocs accepts many file formats such as PDF, PNG, JPG, and TIFF. Once uploaded, AlgoDocs will detect the handwriting on the page and begin the conversion process.

Handwriting Detection

The first step is for AlgoDocs to locate the handwritten text on the page. Using advanced computer vision and deep learning models, AlgoDocs can detect handwritten letters, words, and blocks of text with a high degree of accuracy. AlgoDocs is trained on millions of handwriting samples to handle many different writing styles.

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Character Recognition

Next, AlgoDocs tries to determine which letter or number each handwritten character represents. This is done using advanced optical character recognition (OCR) technology which has been trained on huge datasets of handwritten text. AlgoDocs considers the context around each character to improve accuracy. For example, if there is an ‘e’ followed by ‘x’, it is more likely to be ‘ex’ rather than ‘e’ followed by ‘c’.

Figure 2 shows a sample of handwritten data and the AlgoDocs output.

Word and Text Reconstruction

Once AlgoDocs has deciphered each individual character, it reconstructs the words and full text. AlgoDocs uses natural language processing to determine the most likely word or phrase based on the characters identified and the context. The end result is machine-printed text that closely matches your original handwritten input.

Exporting the Results

Finally, AlgoDocs allows you to export the converted text in a variety of formats like CSV, XML, and Excel. You can then load the data into other systems for processing and analysis. The exported files will contain the machine-printed text as well as information to match it back to the original handwritten document.

In summary, AlgoDocs leverages AI technologies like computer vision, OCR, and natural language processing to accurately detect and convert your handwritten documents into editable digital text. The easy-to-use web interface and variety of export options make it a powerful tool for extracting data from paper records.

AlgoDocs for Converting PDFs and Scanned Images to Excel

AlgoDocs empowers businesses to effortlessly transform complex PDFs and scanned images into organized, editable Excel sheets. Unlocking efficiency and accuracy, this innovative platform ensures swift and accurate data extraction, saving valuable time and resources. Experience a hassle-free conversion process that enhances productivity and streamlines data handling. Trust AlgoDocs for precision in converting PDFs and scanned images to Excel, delivering a game-changing solution for businesses seeking optimal data management capabilities.”

How AlgoDocs Saves You from Manual Data Entry

AlgoDocs uses advanced AI to automatically extract handwritten text, tables, marks, and signatures from scanned documents. This eliminates the need for tedious manual data entry, saving you huge amounts of time and money.

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Smart Table Detection

AlgoDocs is adept at detecting tables in scanned files, even if they have handwritten content (see Figures 2 and 3). It can identify the table structure, including column and row headings, and properly align the contents into a digital table format. This makes it easy to extract key data and statistics from tables in a fast, automated way.

Figure 2. Handwritten scanned image uploaded to AlgoDocs.

Figure 3. The extracted table using AlgoDocs from the scanned image, shown in Figure 1.

Advanced Object Detection

In addition to text and tables, AlgoDocs can detect marks, signatures, and other objects in scanned documents. It will identify the type of object, extract it from the background, and convert it into an equivalent text. This broad range of object detection capabilities provides a full spectrum of automated data extraction from physical documents.

By leveraging AlgoDocs to handle time-intensive manual data entry tasks, you and your staff can focus on higher-value work. AlgoDocs delivers a fast, affordable, and highly accurate solution for digitizing information from all types of handwritten and scanned documents. Unleash the power of AI and free up your time with AlgoDocs’ automated handwriting recognition and data extraction.


You just read about the game-changing AlgoDocs Handwriting Recognition web app. With its powerful AI, you can now quickly and easily turn your boxes of handwritten notes and forms into searchable, editable documents. No more struggling to decipher scribbles or wasting time retyping pages by hand. AlgoDocs works like magic to accurately recognize different writing styles, languages, and even marks. So go grab those old notebooks, surveys, and receipts you have lying around. Scan or snap some pics and let AlgoDocs work its recognition wizardry. In minutes, you’ll have text you can revise, reuse, and search. Your handwriting hassles are history thanks to this amazing new tech. Give AlgoDocs a try and take your productivity to the next level!

So, you’re ready to get started with AlgoDocs and see how much time we can save you while processing PDFs? Great! Feel free to start a free subscription right away and parse your documents. You can use AlgoDocs for free forever, up to 50 pages each month. If you need to handle a larger number of pages, please look into our inexpensive pricing options.

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