How does solar power work?

Solar power comes from the sun. It gives us two kinds of energy: electricity and heat. We use special things called solar panels to get this energy. They can be small on a house roof or big on a farm.

When Was Solar Power First Discovered?

Long, long ago, even before many many years, people used sunlight to make fire shiny things. The Greeks and Romans, who lived even longer ago used mirrors to make the sun light into torches for special times.

Then, a super smart guy named Edmond Becquerel when he was very young found out that light can make electricity in 1839. He made a special cell that could do this magic trick with sunlight.

Many, many years later in 1954 some more smart people made a special cell called a silicon PV cell that could turn sunlight into electricity for things like our gadgets.

Nowadays, even the stuff flying in space, like satellites, use sunlight to get their power.

Is solar power a clean energy source?

Sun power is a forever kind of energy that keeps on giving without making bad stuff in the air. As long as the sun is up there, we get energy.

The stuff we use to catch sun power, called solar panels, do not make much pollution, and they stay around for a really long time more than 25 years. We will even using more and more old stuff to make new panels, so there’s even less pollution.

What are solar farms?

Big sunny places called solar farms or parks have lots of solar panels stuck together on big lands. They gather lots and lots of sun power all at once. These farms make heaps of energy for many people to use, not just for one house or building.

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Can sun power work even when the clouds are covering the sky?

Yes, it can! Sun power just needs some light from the sun to work. But, how much power we get depends on how much sun we can see and how good the solar panels are.

Who makes the most sun power in the whole wide world?

Well, in 2022, China makes the most. Then comes the US, Japan, Germany, and India.

How are we getting more sun power into our electricity?

The UK and US want to clean up their electricity by 2035, and sun power will help a lot with that.

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