Best Deals To Have From Cox Communications In 2024


You know better, how much you have suffered in the past few years just because you chose not to have a better internet service provider for your house. As the new year is about to start, so you should start your year with all positive vibes around. How about you say ‘goodbye’ to your old local home internet service provider and welcome Cox Internet with open hands? Sounds very cliché! I know.

How is Cox?

Cox Communications is a service provider who allows user to have premium services at their doorstep. It would be fair enough to state that it is one of the best performers of the year 2023 and when it comes to providing good and reliable internet, Cox never disappoint its users. Cox has always believed in “value to money” and keeping this factor alive, Cox adds value to your hard-earned money and never compromises on the quality of Internet and other services it produces. Services like.

  • Cox Internet 
  • Cox TV
  • Cox Mobile
  • Cox Phone
  • Cox Homelife Security

Firs thing first, let’s talk about the most searched service by the users. i.e. Cox Internet

  • Cox Internet

Cox Internet is considered to be one of the most premium service offered by the Communications. Cox Internet has been on top, tested by Speed Test by Ookla in September 2023. The provider has been working hard to provide better and stable internet service to the users. It has five different tiers to facilitate users.




Data Caps

Go Fast

100 mbps amazing download speed5 mbps upload. 

With $49.99/mo.

1.25 TB

Go Faster

250 mbps amazing download speed10 mbps upload.

With $69.99/mo.

1.25 TB

Go Even Faster

500 mbps amazing download speed10 mbps upload.

With $89.99/mo.

1.25 TB

Go Super-Fast

1gbps amazing download speed35 mbps upload.

With $109.99/mo.

1.25 TB

Go Beyond Fast

2gbps amazing download speed35 mbps upload.
The plan is still available at very less areas so in order to check if it is available in your area or not, you need to check the availability map or contact the Cox Customer Support.

1.25 TB

Are you planning to have Cox Communications for your house already? Wait I have more to show. How about we discuss COX TV plans so that you can a blast of entertainment?

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Cox TV – Plans

Cox TV is undoubtedly the second-best performer in the category. Cox has provided doses of entertainment through TV and its services. Here are the plan and the perks that we can get as a user.


Contour TV – Starter

Contour TV – Preferred

Contour TV – Preferred Plus

Contour TV – Ultimate

Total number of channels





Premium Channels in the package

Not included

Not included



Voice controlled remote





Starting from





With two of the main tiers coming from the Cox Communications, how can we forget to secure our home because.

When you’re not at home, Cox is there for you!

Cox Homelife Security – Keeping an eye

We all need to feel secure, why not our homes? Well, to make your home feel secure, Cox has an amazing announcement to make, Cox Homelife Security System to make your life go hassle-free. Don’t worry if you’re not around, Cox will make sure to keep a close check on your belongings. You just have to choose the best plan for your house.




Go Faster

Almost 250 mbps amazing download speed and 4 nonstop recordings

In just $98.99 /mo.

Go Even Faster

Almost 500 mbps amazing download speed and 4 nonstop recordings

In just $118.99 /mo.

Go Super-Fast

Almost 1gbps amazing download speed and 4 nonstop recordings

In just $138.99 /mo.

Now, let’s talk about some of the perks you can have after choosing Cox for your house. Perks like

  • Amazing Speeds
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Doesn’t matter what plan you go with, one thing I can say this with surety that you will get amazing speeds, so obviously your gaming experience won’t get ruined or even if you are working from home, you will have no troubles at all.

  • Transparent Monthly Fee

We all know that there are many providers who charge you anything and name that as “extra”. Don’t worry because Cox has always been a user’s most trusted broadband and it won’t charge you anything extra and you will get the exact bill as discussed.

  • Easy Installation

As a user, you can choose an easy installation process where you will have to install your setup on your own, by doing that, you can save a ton of money and it won’t hurt you at the end of the month.

  • Customer Support

Cox has been named as a broadband with one of the best customer support. The team is always there to assist you as it offers a 24/7 service to facilitate you. Customer Support will resolve your issue in the best possible way.

  • 30 days money back

To make you feel more secure, Cox allows consumer to have a 30 days money back policy so in case if you are not satisfied with the network, you have an option to switch or terminate it within 30 days and you will be given a full refund.


My final verdict would be, if you want the best service provider, then you should go with Cox Communications as the network will make sure to keep your trust alive. Have Cox to have Peace!

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