5 Signs You Need A Solar Panel Replacement

Solar panels are a big source of saving money by reducing electricity consumption and carbon footprint. Although these are beneficial for decades yet there is no guarantee of their long life. You may need to replace it for improving its efficacy and for its smooth functionality. But how can you know about the best time of their replacement? This guest post will not only help you know about the solar PV replacement but also guide you how an Irish Solar Panel Installation company will assist you for timely decisions.

These five signs indicate the time of your Solar replacement:

1. Your Solar Panels are damaged

One of the most significant signs is when your panel is physically damaged. Solar panels may be affected due to harsh weather conditions i,e., hail, wind, rain, snow and extreme temperatures. With the passage of time these may cause cracks,chips,dents or breaks in your PV Panels.

These damaged panels may reduce your energy production,cause fire and end your warranty. If you notice such damages you should immediately contact a professional Solar installer for assessment of damage and timely change of Panel.

2.Your Solar Panels are old

Another reason for replacement is the age of your panels. Usually Solar Panels have a lifespan of 25 to 30 years which depends on the quality and timely maintenance of Panels. With the passage of time they decrease their efficiency of electricity production. As a result you need more Panels to fulfil your energy needs otherwise you have to depend on the grid. Moreover 

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Panels may be outdated due to technology advancemet i.e.,newer inverters, batteries or smart metres. When you notice such things  you may consider replacing your Panels with newer and more advanced models to save your money and energy for a long time.

3. Your solar panels are underperforming

Poor performance of your Panels might be another reason for replacement. Solar Panels are characterised with their size,orientation and location which assess their efficacy. Many other factors can affect their performance such as shading,dirt,dust or wrong wiring. If your Panels are not generating adequate electricity and you notice a lack of your savings or more rely on grid or less environmental profits.

For checking your Panel efficacy a monitoring system may be used that can keep an eye on your energy production and consumption. If your Solar Panels are consistantly decline in Solar output you should replace your Panels or their parts.

4. Your solar panels are causing roof problems

Roof problem is another indication of Solar Panel replacement.Usually these Panels are installed on the roof of your home or business due to more Sunlight.But it can affect the roof condition. Weight and pressure of Panels may cause sagging, cracking or leaking with the passage of time.

Due to Solar Panels roofs may have gaps or holes in which water or dirt can enter and cause damage.If you notice such problems you need to replace or relocate at a different place. To prevent further damages you may have to repair or replace your roof.

5. Your solar panels are not meeting your energy needs

More energy requirements is another sign of Solar Panel replacement. Solar Panels are installed with the need of the hour .However your energy needs may change overtime.There may be various resons like adding more appliances or expanding in home or business or your needs of electric vehicles.

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If your current energy production is insufficient you have to bear more electricity bills,less energy savings or short power backup. To fulfil your energy requirements you may need to replace your Solar Panels with new technology and increased size or you have to add more panels in your existing Panels.

Final Thoughts

To wrap up, solar panels are the most clean , renewable and affordable energy sources for years to come. Although Solar Panels are breakable and they may have to replace any time. In case you noticed any of these signs you may need to replace your PV panels you should contact Going Solar, an Irish installation company. Going Solar is the most suitable company having expertise ,experience and all tools to replace your Panels or alter any part of your PV Panels and the service will be quick and safe.

Going Solar will also assist you in the selection of the best PV panels under your budget and preferences for your home or business according to your energy needs. Going Solar not only provides you with the most suitable Panels but also ensures high quality, competitive prices and the best customer service too. So for saving your money and assets don’t let your Panels waste and contact Going Solar immediately to get a free quote for new installation or replacement of your Solar Panels. We are committed with our words!

Frequently Asked Questions

What indicates my Solar Panels need to be replaced?

Visible damage like cracks, discoloration, or water ingress and a significant drop in energy production are the most significant signs your solar panels may need replacing.

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How do I know if my solar panels are damaged?

Physical inspection can reveal damages such as cracks, chips, or burn marks on the panels, which are clear indicators that identify your panels may need to be replaced.

Have solar panels some lifespan and after which they need to be  replaced?

Solar panels typically have a lifespan of 25-30 years. If your panels  have exceeded or approached this age range and show signs of inefficiency, it might be time to consider replacement.

Can extreme weather affect the solar panel performance and may be the reason for their replacement?

Extreme weather conditions i,e., hail storms or heavy snowfall can cause physical damage to solar panels, potentially necessitating their replacement if the damage is severe.

What should I do if I notice my solar panels are not producing as much power as before?

If you notice certain drop in power production, it’s necessary to first conduct maintenance checks for any solvable issues; if the problem persists, it is the time to replace your panels.

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