13 Panel Drug Test

Our body is a reflection of what we eat and drink. What we consume is an imminent picture of what we will become. With food items these days carrying drugs and similar substances openly, there is little margin for us to leave them and opt for another option. When things are this strict, only adequate methods of identification of drugs and their cure can help us. One such method is drug testing through any type of drug test such as a 13 panel drug test. 

The Importance of Drug Tests

Drug tests are widely present nearby and have been saving lives for a long time. Primarily, the surge in rising drug cases around the world is forcing doctors and labs to promote drug testing heavily. For this, different offices especially government facilities are constantly conducting drug testing over the course of a year for a safe environment. 

Drug testing is also common in private workplaces and educational institutes. The necessity is for two reasons. At first, a cup drug test helps to indicate the drug abuser and leads him to proper counseling, rehab, and medication. Also, it helps to keep other employees, students, and people safe from anyone who has been or is a drug addict or abused since it can pass on quickly. 

13 Panel Drug Test

Undergoing a drug test is necessary since it helps to detect harmful substances and allows you to locate their cure easily. A drug test is always conducted on a sample from the patient’s body. It can be either urine or saliva however urine is primarily preferable when conducting a regular drug test. For this, a 13 panel drug test may be called a 13 panel urine drug test. 

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Each drug test has the capability to screen as many elements as mentioned on the drug test kit. For example, a 13-panel test will easily screen for 13 different drug substances. 

The same is the case with a 12 panel drug test that is used to screen 12 drug elements. The list may be found anywhere though. In essence, the basic test kit remains the same and we will share how you can perfectly perform a urine drug test at home.

How can you Conduct a Drug Test at Home?

A cup drug test is one of the simplest medical tests to perform at home. All you need is a drug test kit and you are good to go. In essence, a drug test kit contains two distinct items that allow two different ways to perform this test. One such item is a test strip and the other is a drug screen or dip card. Head over to 12 panel now and search for 13 panel drug test near me and explore a range of drug tests for sale. 

Let us show you how you can utilize both of these to perform the test.

Drug Test Using Test Strips

To perform a drug test with test strips, you simply need a drug test cup. Drug test cups are easily available at different drug stores and online such as on 12 panel now. Standard test cups come with test strips inside. For example, when conducting a 13 panel test, you will get a dedicated test cup that contains 13 test strips, one for each substance to be screened. You simply get your urine sample in it and the test strips will change to show the results. 

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Drug Test Using Drug Screens

A drug screen is another item that can help you screen for drug substances. With a drug screen, you can use any transparent cup wide enough that the drug screen may be easily inserted. Also, when conducting a 13 panel test, get a dedicated 13 panel urine drug screen. It is since a 13 panel drug screen will have 13 dedicated sections for each of the 13 elements. Once you insert the drug screen into the test cup, it displays the result against each element to be screened in the form of bands. 

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